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Created in 2012, NIM Consulting & Supervision Ltd is consulting company consisting of engineers specialized in different sectors.

​We offer a wide variety of services in project and site management to help our clients meeting their objectives.

We have a dedicated team of professionals with diverse backgrounds within the project and installation management disciplines.

We will be your competent partners, always by your side heading towards real solutions that will pay off. Our concern is your project’s success.


Over past decade, our company has gained considerable knowledge and experience on various types of projects.

Our global experience in all facets of the installation, site management, commissioning, testing and successful handover enables NIM Consulting & Supervision Ltd to perform a significant role in the management of all aspects of a project or program. Our unique ability such a diverse array of services allows us to transcend industry boundaries and foster a unified project environment. This ability translates into a properly planned project that is executed efficiently and safely with real cost and schedule savings.

We have shared success of our clients in securing the boarders, assuring defence of the countries, in energy extraction, in environmental and many other projects that makes daily life of population better.

As independent company, we bring the best value to serve our Client’s needs. We are able to provide completely independent and objective services in the best interest of our customers. We have played a crucial role for our Clients in delivering their products at their best interest.

We help to reduce the cost of the project throughout thoughtful planning and efficient execution.

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